A downloadable game

Game Name: Bert the Cat and the Dimensional Portal

Genre: Endless Runner

Target Audience: 6+

Game Overview: The main objective of this game is to survive! The player must use the furniture being sucked in by the portal and make his/her way around the obstacles being thrown across the screen.

Gameplay: In order to survive, the player must use the arrow keys to move and space to jump to get around the moving furniture away from the portal. Since cats are nimble, they are able to easily hop around furniture; but watch out! The furniture are being sucked in quickly!

Narrative: In the year 2050, aliens invaded planet Earth! They decided to inhabit this wonderful place, and by doing this, they've placed down portals that sucked in every man and man-made object in the world and putting them in a different dimension. Bert the cat is a fighter, though! He will do anything to survive! Help Bert survive fight these evil portals.


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BertTheCatGM.zip 4 MB